Gas Prices Up $0.69, Diesel Up $2.06

November 4, 2015





KINGSTON, Jamaica – Motorists should see an increase at the pumps in the prices of gasoline and diesel, effective Thursday, November 5, according to the latest ex-refinery costs from Petrojam.

87- and 90-octane gasoline will be sold by Petrojam for $99.48 and $101.14 per litre, respectively, up by $0.69 each.

Automotive diesel fuel will be sold for $94.97 per litre following an increase of $2.06, while ultra-low sulphur diesel is up by $2.04, and will be sold for $102.76 per litre.

Meanwhile, kerosene oil increased in price by $1.01 and will be sold for $91.48 per litre.




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