CEIS Update

A quarterly news bulletin of the Caribbean Energy Information System, with articles geared to researchers, consultants, petroleum marketing companies, energy policy-makers, libraries, tertiary institutions all dealing with energy data.

There is a special section geared towards high school students preparing for Science subjects in the Caribbean Examination Council (CXC) Exams across the Caribbean.

The CEIS Update is a dynamic quarterly magazine publication which seeks to bring to our regions’ people current information on energy and energy related issues in a interesting yet comprehensive manner. It is presented with focus on the sections: Network News; update on Energy Developments; Energy Feature; The Consumer and Energy; Energy and the Environment; and Energy for Young Minds.

Network News presents energy sector related information making the headlines throughout the Caribbean.

Update on Energy Developments presents articles related to Research Development and issues shaping development of the industry.

Energy Feature seeks to highlight outstanding Public Sector Energy Individuals making their mark in the field.

The Consumer and Energy is geared towards the edification of students as consumers and the responsibility they would need to display in their efforts to manage their lifestyle as it relates to energy.

Energy and the Environment aims to highlight developments, business and organizations and individuals within the sector and their efforts geared toward the protection and sustainable development of the environment.

“Energy for Young Minds” is a section which features energy articles related to examination syllabuses, while featuring novel topics and general scientific knowledge on energy systems.

“Energy for Young Minds” is a column in the CEIS Update which was introduced in the publication to facilitate students preparing for the Energy Sections of the CXC Physics, Chemistry and Integrated Science syllabuses. The rationale for the Column was based on annual CXC reports which revealed weak areas in the answers of students sitting the examinations and why students are unable to obtain full marks. More recent issues identified included:

A need to develop the enquiry skills in the area of energy
Answers required greater detail on subjects – too superficial
Inability to arrange in correct sequence the forms of energy which they correctly identified
Difficulty in describing the disadvantages associated with the use of fossil fuels.
In addition, surveys are conducted from time to time among high school teachers and students to enquire what assistance is needed with the preparation of students sitting these examinations. The column offers students articles which according to CXC Examinations Council are topics which students sitting these examinations have difficulty with. This column is usually sponsored by private sector companies
throughout the region.