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The Caribbean Information Platform on Petroleum (CIPPET) was developed by the Scientific Research Council (SRC) located in Kingston Jamaica, regional focal point for the
Caribbean Energy Information System (CEIS). The CEIS is a network of 18 Caribbean Countries with responsibility for the coordination, gathering and dissemination of energy information for these countries to facilitate sharing of energy information among each other and to aid policy decision making.

CIPPET is managed by CEIS and will serve as a tool to facilitate the provision of Caribbean Petroleum Energy Information/Statistics to member countries of CEIS and other users of information related to petroleum. It creates a central access point through which member countries can submit their requests for information, it also allows users to “Be in the Know” on past and current issues relevant to the petroleum industry.

CIPPET allows access to time series data on energy trends (Supply, Consumption, Transformation/Electricity, Prices and other Social/Financial indicators) – available from 1985 to present. The platform will allow users to, identify and link with key players/stakeholders in the Petroleum Industry (Marketing Companies, Utilities, etc) and serves as forum through which players in the petroleum industry can interact and hold discussions on issues affecting them and share information on best practices.